A Guest’s Perspective

A Guest's Perspective

About Treasure by the Sea

from a guest's perspective

• Lisa Fountain

A visit to Treasure by the Sea in Chimo, Cabo Corrientes isn´t easily forgotten. The memories will stay with you a long time, as it is not like any other place around Vallarta.
In fact, over half of the people visiting Norma and her self-built luxury accommodations shed tears-either of joy, sadness for leaving or releasing some long-held energy. I would imagine this has to do with the Earth’s chakra lines and energetic gates, upon which Treasure by the Sea is located. It gives a feeling of high vibration and separation from the business of the 3D world we live in.
There are two ways to arrive into Chimo, either a 3 hour long drive to El Tuito and then East towards the ocean or panga ride that lasts approximately two and a half hours. The panga ride can vary, and you need to arrive early so as to ensure your seat. Chimo is the last stop of many along the coast, such as Quimixto, Pizota and Yelapa. The boats are used to transport people and supplies as many of the locations are only accessible by panga. The boat is shaded from the sun and is a perfect time to think, enjoy the scenery or chat with the locals.
The most unique part of the ride to Chimo, is switching to a canoe to be paddled to shore by locals as there is not a dock and the water is too shallow. The gentlemen know the water so well, it does not take long until you are on shore, where Alejandro will pick you up and assist you with your belongings, delivering you to either the Beach House or Happy Hill. Both of which are near enough to walk to each other or Chimo, yet far enough away from complete privacy.

Happy Hill is not just a random name. It was specifically chosen to describe the emotions that everyone feels upon arrival. It is an energy you cannot describe with words, a breathtaking view of the ocean in front, Chimo to the left and a vast jungle and mountains behind you, full of activity and the vocals of local birds, cows and donkeys, one of which brays for his long-lost girlfriend.

The hill is a splendor of bright colors and hand painted murals decorating plenty of cabins with king size beds, air conditioning and a huge central kitchen and various seating areas. Two pools, one near the cabins and another overlooking the ocean with hammocks accenting the space give many options for where you can hang out for the day.

The BnB or lower building is perfectly set in the middle of a private, sandy beach, cleaned by Norma and her team daily, making it a perfect location to whale watch and catch some rays. Each room is unique in style, theme and size. There are two bars, one located in the beautiful open kitchen and the other on the North side by the pool and fire pit.

There is so much to do and see at Norma’s BnB. It honestly cannot be described well enough with words. It is truly a hidden gem but needs to be shared with everyone. I promise you, you will not want to leave, as you are spoiled and treated with the highest respect. Blessings on your journey, maybe ours will cross paths in Chimo? I would be honored.

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Oceanfront hidden Luxury Resort built with love that you can feel, with views that will leave you breathless, food that will make your palate sing, service that will make you feel like royalty, and energy that will awaken your soul.

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