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In an area called Cabo Corrientes and about 1.5 hours south of Puerto Vallarta (by water taxi) is the small fishing village paradise called Chimo. If you have not experienced this small paradise town, do not feel alone because very few have had the opportunity to visit this tiny village in paradise. The town of Chimo is a small village of just 200 residents and only 65 households today however watch this little paradise grow up as one of the nicest most romantic spots on the bay. The town of Chimo is located in the Municipality of Cabo Corrientes (in the State of Jalisco). It is a true hidden gem resort area! This is where you will find a Chimo Beachfront Boutique Hotel named Treasure by The Sea.

In the town there are 110 men and only 89 women today. The ratio women per men is 0.809, and the fecundity rate is 3.43 children per woman. People from outside the State of Jalisco account for only 1.01% of the total population.

This small town located just 1 hour west of El Tuito is accessible by either boat or SUV because it does have a road (although not a great one). The drive is beautiful and only about 2.5 hours from Puerto Vallarta. You will find many great views along the driving route to Chimo with mountains, rivers and ranches throughout your scenic drive to paradise with the Chimo Beachfront Boutique Hotel.

Another option which is the fun way, is to drive or Uber to Boca de Tomatlan and take the water taxi to Chimo, it departs daily at 9:00 AM and takes you on an adventure on the bay, stopping at each of the towns south dropping people and then the last stop is Chimo. It is about 1 hour 30 minutes to Chimo, upon arriving the canoe guys will be there waiting for you to take you to the beach. They grab your luggage and row you into the beach navigating the waves, it has been done this way for over 30 years and how these guys make their money. It is an experience worth taking, I loved it.

Once on Chimo beach, you will notice just 3 restaurants and very few homes along this beautiful stretch of beach. All three restaurants are very good and are famous for the seafood they bring in. The 2 that are most famous are Arturos and Chimo's Paradise which is the best in my opinion. They serve incredible seafood dishes of fresh fish, shrimp and seafood and overlook the bay of Chimo.

About 2 KM to the north is the beautiful property of Treasure by The Sea Resort which has a beautiful beach house with 7 bedrooms and just above that is Treasure by The Sea's Happy Hill which has views that will leave you breathless. Treasure by the Sea is now the largest property in Chimo and is a true hidden gem resort in Mexico. About an hour hike from Chimo we have some amazing waterfalls if you are looking for an activity, the hiking in this area is amazing. There is nothing like a natural waterfall. This is a moderate hike so you need to be in pretty decent shape as there are a lot of hills. Now lets go the other direction and talk about Mexicane Moonshine called Raicilla.

If you have not heard of Raicilla then get ready to experience the best Raicilla moonshine on the planet. Raicilla is also made from the agave plant and has been extracted in a different way to give you a powerful moonshine with an excellent flavor.

This beverage has been around for many years and native to Mexico. Raicilla is a liquid of aroma and flavor derived from the species of maguey used and the elaboration process, diversifying its qualities by the type of soil, topography, climate, water, producer (“Maestro Raicillero”), alcoholic graduation, yeasts, among other factors that determine the character and organoleptic sensations produced by each “Raicilla”.

Raicilla as a finished product is a liquid that, according to its type, is colorless when it matures in glass or yellowish when it matures in wooden containers, or when it flares without maturing. "... and" ... that is obtained by the distillation of fermented juices with Mexican yeasts, spontaneous or cultivated, extracted from mature agave heads "Agave Maximiliana Baker, Agave inaequidens koch, Agave Valenciana, Agave angustifolia Haw, and Agave Rhodacantha", among others, it is over 100 proof and gives you a very unique wonderful buzz that is different from most liquors but be careful not to have too much because many people have been known to hallucinate on Raicilla when they have one too many.

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