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El Tuito
If you continue past Mismaloya and the famous botanical gardens on your way to Treasure by the Sea Resort there is so a lot more to be seen, the beauty of Mexico is more than just the beaches and your journey to Treasure by the Sea Resort Beachfront Resort in Chimo will bring you to and through the beautiful mountains of El Tuito. A different world of mountain life is just to the north beyond the bay and tucked in the Sierra Madre Mountains where the beautiful ranches of Mexico are nestled into the forest which makes hard to believe that it is only 45 minutes South of Puerto Vallarta and you will find the quaint typical Mexican town of El Tuito.
In the Aztecan language “Nahua,” El Tuito means Divine Place. Many visitor have been known to feel the incredible energy of this 500 year old typical Mexican village. There are only 4500 residents which consist of mainly farmers and small business owners much like many small rural towns in Mexico, they are self-sufficient towns that share commerce and they have no real industry or exports. As of 2020 this little town did not even have its own bank although rumors are it is coming soon. While El Tuito is slowly modernizing and moving forward in technology, health, commerce and tourism, this little town was recently added to the list of authentic Mexican towns known as Pueblos Magicos compiled by the Mexican Federal Government, and when you arrive you too will feel the magic.
Like every town in Mexico, it has a charming zocalo (main square) which is commonly used as a meet up point. “See you on the plaza at two o’clock” is all the arrangement needed. On many occasions you might be witness to entertainers, singers and children rehearsing folkloric ballet. Just sit an enjoy a slice of the slow life for a moment, it is beautiful. The town of El Tuito is a major hub that many people pass through on their way west to the Beaches and the coast of beautiful Cabo Corrientes and Treasure by the Sea Resort Beachfront Resort in Chimo. The residents of El Tuito (also known as Tuiteños) are extremely proud people and hold great pride for their plaza and their beautiful pueblito. Be sure and stop and say hi to Maria, she is a beautiful tree that sits on the plaza that the people named many years ago. She offers shade in front of the municipal plaza and library.

Over time there has been a tiny population of foreigners who have chosen to invest in El Tuito and live a tranquil life away from the bustle of Puerto Vallarta. There are probably 300 to 400 gringos that have chosen to build homes in this quiet area. As you explore this town you will find small bakeries, handmade gifts, cheeses, restaurants and little stores that sell the local Raicilla (Mexican Moonshine.) It is made right there in El Tuito, have a shot and enjoy the buzz, it is a strong liquor made from Agave and more and is about 150 proof but delicious and smokey when made right.

There is a bus from downtown Puerto Vallarta that will take you to El Tuito if you are just going to Tuito and not any further. Be aware that there are not buses that can get you to Treasure by the Sea Beachfront Resort in Chimo but if you are driving to us then El Tuito is right on your way. If you are planning the journey to Chimo I suggest you rent a car and have lunch in El Tuito, it’s well worth the trip!

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