Normas Journey

Treasure by the Sea was built with love and believe it or not, the vision and construction was done by one amazing woman by the name of Norma Alicia Tovar Hernandez.
Norma was born in Refugia, Cabo Corrientes which is just a short distance from the town of Chimo. The area is all native land, and all controlled by the community of Cabo Corrientes. During most of her life, Norma was a successful restauranteur and chef preparing some of the best Mexican cuisine available.
Everything was going well for Norma and her life when tragedy struck her and she lost her husband suddenly. She was lost so the community gave her a piece of land on the beach in Chimo for her to get a new start for her and her children.
Norma had a vision of a beautiful beach house with rooms to rent so they started and broke ground with herself and the help of a couple of close friends. They started moving dirt and rocks one bucket at a time. This was in 2011 when the project and the new journey began and at the time there was no beach anywhere in Chimo, just a lot of rocks so the area had to be cleared of the rocks to put the foundation down.
Many who see the property wonder who the architect was, well it was Norma and she kept all the plans in her head, she could see the property clearly in her head and knew exactly what to do, she had a vision of 7 unique bedrooms each with their own bathroom with luxury common areas, pool, kitchen, bar and large deck area for enjoying the views and listening to the sounds of the water hitting the sand and rocks below. Norma could see exactly what she wanted to do in each unique room by making each one slightly different.
The few of them all worked tirelessly day after day and slowly watched the building take shape after the first year. It was a long journey up to this point, but this kept her mind away from loss and only looked at gain and the reward at the end. Year after year they continued to work tirelessly customizing and adding every luxury you can imagine to the house so every guest would have the experience of a lifetime when they visited Treasure by the Sea.

It was the end of year 4 and the beach property is almost complete, she then decided to purchase some more land and expand the property to the mountain above so once again she started clearing and building the second part of Treasure by the Sea Resort, again the second stage was done exactly the same way, one rock at a time to the mountain now called Happy Hill. It consists of 5 unique cabins/villas, 2 pools, a bar, shared kitchen and lots of common outside space that all have views that will leave you breathless.

Overall, the property now has 12 unique villas and rooms, 14 bathrooms, 3 pools, 2 kitchens and lots of common luxury space for lounging, meditating and enjoying nature.

The top property was given the name Happy Hill because it made everyone so happy that they cried and then they have the Beach House which is called just that The Beach House. Norma has an incredible staff that consists of his right-hand man Alejandro that has been with Norma since the beginning and then she has the other staff that keeps the place spotless for the guests. They make sure that all guests have everything they need.

Norma prepares all meals for the guests along with the help of her staff and the flavor profiles will make your tastebuds sing. Everything is done first class and done with love. The bars serve nothing but the best liquors to enjoy those sunsets at happy hour on Happy Hill.

Today, Chimo and Treasure by the Sea Resort have beautiful white sand beaches, a direct result of a storm that hit in 2018, hurricane Patricia blessed the property by removing all the rocks from the Beach house and the entire town of Chimo so now guests can enjoy a walk down a beautiful white sand beach.

Treasure by the Sea Resort was built with love that you can feel.

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