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The Ultimate Retreat Location

Treasure by the Sea Resort in Chimo, Mexico is the ultimate spot to have any type of retreat or group gathering. Yoga and meditation instructors have really enjoyed this space for organizing & having their own yoga retreat in paradise. There really is not a better spot for a yoga retreat in Mexico. 

Treasure by the Sea offers 2 properties within one resort, you can rent the entire property for your yoga retreat and sell to up to 26 guests with 13 double occupancy rooms or just rent one of the properties.

We have the beach house that has many great areas to practice yoga and of course there is nothing better than yoga on the beach. The beach house has 7 double occupancy rooms and plenty of luxury, including a pool large dining area and beautiful large deck with lounge chairs overlooking the beach. When you are planning your next retreat in Mexico with 10 – 15 people, this is the perfect spot for you. It is one of the best and most economical beach home rentals in Mexico.

Just above the beach house and a short 15-minute hike or 5-minute ride is the other part of the resort which is properly named “Happy Hill”. It has 6 private bungalows, 3 pools including one infinity pool and jacuzzi, dining area and bar and all overlook the bay with incredible views. It is one of the best choices as far as hotels in Cabo Corrientes and by far the most luxurious and without breaking your bank.

Besides yoga and meditation retreats, this resort in Banderas Bay is great for any type of health and wellness retreat, and of course the best choice for beach house rentals in Mexico. If you have a larger group then you can rent both properties as the resort can accommodate up to 26 people in double occupancy rooms.

Treasure by the Sea resort in Chimo is also perfect for any type of celebrations or ceremonies. Over the past 2 years, we have had multiple mushroom ceremonies, bufo ceremonies and other ancestral medicine retreats with a shaman. This beautiful resort is beyond compare to hold family reunions, business team building events, yoga and meditation retreats and the perfect location for couples and single people who just want a luxury quiet resort getaway on the beach.

This is the time on the planet for us all to do our part to raise our vibrations and help others do the same. Treasure by the Sea Resort, a Cabo Corrientes boutique hotel that has everything you need to put together any type of retreat. We will assist you with every detail for your stay with us, all of our rooms include breakfast and dinner each day prepared by our highly recommended staff chef, who is amazing and there is a cash bar for your favorite cocktails or we have bottles for sale also, it is your choice.

We will be waiting for you here in paradise!

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